Mansley Combe Waterfall

Our beginning place was Dunkery Bridge at the head of Mansley Combe. It’s a long time since I walked there, it’s beautiful and the waterfall is quite unexpected. Suddenly, after just a few yards, there it is, thirty foot of cliff with the water plunging down. After the snows, or heavy rain, it’s a torrent of foaming white-gold water but today it was a delicate stream.

The way up is hard and steep, it took lots of focused attention to make it up to the Rune Holly. We stopped there to let our fingers walk along the three-something feet of script that flows along one of his boughs. It appears like runes or, rather, like the ancient Pictish script – Pictish has its roots in the old Celtic languages – and got our own messages. They change each time we visit the tree.

Rune Holly

Holly is a gate-guardian; he holds the energy of the choice you have to make at his crossroads; seven paths are offered you.

We took the way which leads up to Joaney and Robin Hows, our destination for today. They hold the Midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset line.

Tomorrow we walk a different path … into the Enchanted Forest.