Sow early broad beans & peas.

I use the French pea Douce Provence but I may use Feltham first as well this year although they’re taller. I’ll be sowing mine in the polytunnel, in the soil not in pots as the past two winters have been very hard and they can’t cope outside.

The same goes for broad beans. I use Super Aquadulce.

I’ll be sowing this coming week. I know it’s southern planting time for me but I’ll be away from 12th Nov when our northern planting time begins. Tuesday is a fruit day so I’ll use that and plant in the afternoon – 2 out of 3 right, the best I can do.

Harvesting …

You should be harvesting winter brassicas such as kale and Brussels sprouts as soon as they’re large enough as the latter do not keep well in the ground. My kale has been going for months now, it got hit by cabbage white caterpillars during late summer but I “coppiced” it and now the “trunks” are sprouting well again so I’m back in business for eating kale.

Plant onions and garlic

I’ll be planting sets of garlic and onions for crops in early June. These will go in the tunnel too.