I’m just back from Glastonbury where we did the 1-day Celtic Chakra workshop at the Goddess Hall in Benedict St. It went very well indeed. Yesterday was the first time we’d done a 1-day workshop on it together – a new thing for both Bright Darkness and Wye’s Woman. Working together is excellent, Fiona calls it “sharing a synapse” and it so is :-), to work so is thread-twining and working with the wyrd indeed.

The workshop was very experiential. We began with the Earth/Sun linking; it’s an apparently simple thing to do but, like so many things that appear simple, it has enormous depths while still being very readily comprehensible. It sets up the basic premise of goddess/god and being on the thread so well, gives the concept of “why duality” without the need of explanations. Both Fiona and I like to work from the experiential to the theory rather than the other way around; once you actually experience a thing learning “about” it then becomes comfortably obvious.

Moving on into 3-ness and the Cauldrons of Poesy went well and led us nicely to Elen’s Caers and Sarns and then back to the chakra pairs again. This in turn led us to Arianrhod’s Spinning Tower, her Fiery Silver Wheel and the chakra form, how the energy works.

Students learned to sense for themselves the energy flow within each chakra and through the whole system, using either Fiona or myself as “patient” to practice on. It’s wonderful to feel them sensing around and then the sudden “Ah!” as they get it, as their system clicks in with that of the “patient” and they feel the energy like a solid bar between the hands and are able to sense which way the energy is flowing.

The workshop went from exercise to journey to exercise again and back, finishing with a longer half-hour journey to meet the 3 Cauldrons. The results of that journey were incredible, the images Otherworld gave … and the theme (not given by me at all!) of the World Tree which, of course, is the chakra writ large, very large indeed, cosmic in fact. There was no collusion at all, I don’t suggest themes on led journeys but allow Otherworld and the students to find their own that are appropriate to them and to the day. It’s wonderful watching this work, seeing how group journeying is happening … because Otherworld wish it to and because the students are willing as well. It was a marvellous day for all of us.

We’re doing the Celtic Chakras 1-day workshop next on 4th Feb 2012, in Edinburgh at the Salisbury Centre; looking forward to seeing Scottish and northern friends there next year for another great day. It is such fun working this way 🙂

Email magpiewolf@gmail.com for details and to book.