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Shall be watching this blog (and I love its title!) for a while … the shaman must be aware of the world. Honesty, truth, seeing lcearly are all shamanic skill everyone needs to learn. the shaman cannot keep her or his head in the sand but must see what is really there – the elephant in the room as modern parlance has it; that the emperor has no clothes. As this man says, we cannot go back, we cannot recreate the half-assed economy we have been living with since WWII. Money markets and financiers are just gamblers under a more comfortable name … and so are we as long as we collude with them.

We’re in permanent contraction now. There are no technological rescue remedies that will restore the old economic regime. The banks are not working anymore because we can’t create more real wealth, and the wealth we pretended to create for thirty-odd years in the form of IOUs can’t be paid back into existence. We can’t fund any more senior golfing careers and a lot of people will have to just stop eating fried pork rinds, guzzling Pepsi Cola, and then waddling into the emergency room for consolation.”

This man has me chuckling … but it’s with a sour mouth as what he says is unfortunately all too true. I’m glad to see somebody saying it though. His comment on Europe, “Otherwise, the weekend was notable for the complete and utter retreat from public view of European leaders charged with figuring out some way around the EU’s banking woes. The dirty secret is that there isn’t any way around these Alp-size heaps of broken promises, worthless certificates, overdrawn accounts, shiftless governments, and booby-trapped counter-party contracts. The people in charge are trying like hell to make it through the vacation season before the entire continent tips over, but then what?” is wonderfully apt, especially “Alp-size heaps of broken promises …”

Thinking, reasoning, getting to the causes, seeing clearly, not being afraid to say when things are going to hell in a handcart, all these are shamanic skills that all people need to learn. Shamanism is not exclusive to “a chosen few”, it is for everyone.

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