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The fact that someone like Bachman can run for the highest office of the number one country in the world totally explain why any counter measure to peak oil is doomed to fail. That a parts of the population is ready to vote for her shows the complete lack of understanding on how complex system works and how our modern world function.The problem is that in a social group the average capacity of the leader to act is bound to the lowest common denominator idea people can grasp.

Her candidacy fully highlights the flaws of our current BAU democratic system which breeds the majority as individualistic, egocentric , consummers with no idea of whatever is going on.

It truly fits the premonition of Winston Churchill “The biggest argument against democracy is a five minute discussion with the average voter.”

Furthermore the system with its short term election process tends to simplify issues and reduce the possibility of long term heavy solutions to be implemented.

Would be interesting to see a country implementing a law that in order to have the right to vote you must own solar panels on all your property to see how it might change the approach to politics, a photovoltaitocracy 😉

via The Oil Drum | Keeping Michele Bachmann Honest on Gas Prices.

I wonder when it will ever be happen.She sounds like a piece of work, as do so many US politicians … indeed just about all politicians.

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