BBC2 … The Code ??? !!!

Paul is watching this , I am fuming!

Marcus du Sautoy really should go and read Professor Thom, Michael Poynder’s Pi in the Sky, many books on Chartres cathedral, etc, etc, etc … dhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

I’m staggered and horrified that this prat can come on TV and come on as if nobody ever thought of the things he’s saying. It’s as though there is no history prior to these TV personalities coming on the scene.

I’m middle-aged-cum-elderly at 63 years old. I even grew up in the 60s, was a hippie, did stone circles, all that stuff … but it apparently takes some prat who wasn’t even born, or hardly so, in those days to tell me what I did, thought, meant. Never any credit for what we did, what we discovered. I can see it coming, some sweet young things telling me all about how numbers are fundamental to the universe; did I know that Pi is there in the curve of every bay as well as stone circles; did I know about how fundamental they are to radar … dhhhhh !!! arrrgghhh!

These are the people on whom most of us depend for the way we live, they are listened to by politicians … they are listened to by most of us, for the gods’ sake!

Did you not realise that numbers are fundamental?

Our ancestors did … that’s how and why they built the stone circles.

Do people not realise how much precision is required to build a stone circle?

Do people not realise that Chartres is built to the proportions that it is because the thicko mediaeval thinkers, architects and musicians, philosophers knew the rules that govern the universe? Those builders spoke of god, earlier they spoke of gods … they made and knew sense in the patterns of the stars.

Perhaps because they weren’t squidged into a tiny little modern normality box!

If you didn’t know this stuff … for goodness sake get out of your twee little modern reality box and smell the coffee !!!

“We don’t need old legends to explain the stars because we know where they are”

The idiot Marcus du Sautoy just said this …

Which school and university di he go to?

Did they not teach logic there?

I suppose not. A friend has a good job teaching basic English to British native students who cannot speak their own language, for the first few weeks of their first year at university! Says it all really!

What connection and relevance is there between understanding the stars through knowing where they are? None. We don’t understand things by knowing where they are. I don’t understand you because I know where you are. I don’t understand a car engine by knowing where it is. I don’t understand food by knowing where it is. I don’t understand the moon, my house, a tree, another person, by knowing where it is.

Oh for goodness sake …

To this nitwit it’s an incredible thought that we can only understand our world by understanding numbers. Ye gods! We are unutterably dumb compared with our ancestors of even fifty years ago let alone our prehistoric ancestors.

Humankind is definitely going downhill if this is supposed to be an intelligent member of the race.