Went up to Elen’s Folly yesterday afternoon. Glorious day, view for miles, west to Hay Bluff and beyond to the Black Mountains; down southward to the Sugarloaf and the Skyrid; northerly to the Malverns. East you can’t see for the gorgeous woods.

Went down through those woods, then down the other side of Coppett Hill and back up through more fairy woods to the trig point again. Spent some time just standing and watching. The Earth-blood just flows up through me there, the antlered lady touches me.

The previous night I slept on her ground under the ¾ moon, all butter-yellow with Venus hanging at her tail. A blanket of stars on a velvet blue-black ground surrounded her. A fox got dinner of a rabbit, owls called through the nearby woods. Nights like this are to be treasured and not just for sleep. I’m always torn with wanting the dreams I’m offered and wishing to stay awake just to watch the world move in the heavens, watching the stars and the moon change their places as the Earth turns. I did both. I want more. Am looking forward to Scotland in a couple of weeks.

Elen Sentier

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