Frequently Asked Questions. This site is the Fluoride Action Network and has some useful interesting and enlightening information. Before you blindly trust your government read this.

Perhaps the most enlightening is …

Does fluoride need to be swallowed in order to prevent tooth decay?

NO. Most dental researchers now concede that fluoride’s main benefit comes from direct contact with the outside of  teeth (a “topical” effect), and not from ingestion (a “systemic” effect). There is no need to swallow fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

Recent studies in the peer-reviewed medical literature indicate that fluoridated water can have detrimental side effects. Health risks associated with low-to-moderate doses of fluoride include: dental fluorosis; bone fracture; bone cancer; joint pain; skin rash, reduced thyroid activity; and IQ deficits.It is also very dangerous for babies and may harm the barrier around the brain that protects it from natual toxins.

So DON’T blindly trust your government … they do not have your best interests at heart but are only worried about saving themselves money (and getting re-elected, of course :-))

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