Elen of the Ways by Cheska Potter

Healing the Wasteland is about exploring the Goddess through ley, song & dragon lines.

It’s the second workshop we’re doing in the Wye’s Women Workshops collection; the first was Crane Bags, I’ be writing that up on Monday to let you all know how it went, we’re very excited about it. Healing the Wasteland promises to be just as exciting but very different. If you want to dowse, to sense the energy lines that make the nerve-threads of the Earth, to learn to interact with them than Healing the Wasteland is for you.

Since Alfred Watkins had his flash of vision and first saw the ley lines there’s been a lot of work done. In this workshop we take his ideas further… back to Elen of the Ways, the primal British Celtic goddess who holds the threads of the Wyrd, and forward into how this is useful to help with Earth healing. Learn to dowse, to work with the ley, song and dragon lines that carry the wisdom and healing through the Earth.

Elen of the Ways – pictured as The Ancestor by Cheska Potter – is the antlered goddess who guards the Ways, the lines that web the Earth. The Nordic tradition calls this the Wyrd and I use this term too as there’s no extant word for it that I know of in the Brythonic  languages – if you know of one I’d love to hear it. We work with Elen on this workshop, she guides us along her Ways.

I’ll be writing more about it over the coming weeks …

Elen Sentier

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