Crane Bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, forms, materials, ways of making. Here are some of mine …

My first Crane Bag. I crotched this one from scraps of wool that I loved and had saved from making other things, so lots of my past went into the actual crafting of the bag itself. I still use it on special occasions but mostly it lives in my studyand holds things for me there.

As I made the actual material it feels as though my Self is woven into its fabric. It’s very dear to me.

This is my current Crane Bag. The basic bag was gifted to me by a friend but I’ve added embroideries as my Otherworld Gang suggested the ideas.

The earthy colour of the ba\se materials always grounds me and sets off the vivd blues and turquoise. the colours and symbols hold much of the four elements for me.

It’s quite large as it needs to hold some quite big objects like my knife and the small staff that goes most places with me.

This is a very special bag made for me by a friend. It’s a circle of material that draws together around its edges. Inside is a circle of triangular pockets to hold individual objects. It holds together very securely when you pull the strings and ties them.This is my “camping Crane Bag”.  I take it walking with me as it’s very light (depending what I put in it) and secure. I can add things to it as I walk, as they call to me, knock against my boot, trip me even 🙂

It also holds vital things for walking/camping like fire-making stuff, signalling  mirror and whistle, chocolate-coated coffee beans for treats (for me and for beasties I meet on the way) and for offerings.

My orange Ogham bag. This bag was made and gifted by a friend too. I love the material, orange is a favourite colour.I carry my Ogham sticks in it that I made myself almost all from trees in our garden. We don’t have alder here, I went down to the bridge over the Dore for that, at the joining of Vowchurch and Turnastone, where the images of the Lord and Lady are.The sticks fit very happily into the bag.

Ogham too is all about Life and how you live it. You can cast the sticks to tell futures or give advice on the present, or you can just sit with one of the sticks and ask for advice and comfort from the spirit of the wood and the spirit of the Ogham.

This is my rainbow-phoenix bag. The material is amazing, almost like the colours of oil on water, and that blue sets them off perfectly.I find this bag particularly inspiring. It gets to hold all sorts of things and if I go out anywhere posh it becomes my “purse” for the evening :-).

It always holds some magical and special things – I find I need them even more if I go out to a “do”, more support, more energy to draw on. It always turns itself into a conversation piece too, opening the way for me to talk with folk about what they do, what I do. It’s a very good friend-making bag.

So what sorts of things go into my Carne Bag? The one I use most carries my working stuff, things I’m likely to need at sacred sites or at workshops. The contents of my current Crane Bag  is …

  • Frankincense
  •  Myrrh
  • Gold in the form of a pot of Dartmoor honey
  • my knife
  • brass cup gifted by a shaman friend
  • my little wicker rattle
  • ball of silk string I spun myself
  • my cat-bottle holding Barle-water from Tarr
  • my small staff – which has a wealth of things on it as well … hag stones, my wedding ring, a hawk-bell, red/white/black plaited cords, peregrine and owl feathers.

All things that hold and move me at the moment.

Elen Sentier

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