7 Foods So Unsafe Farmers Won’t Eat Them | Food Freedom

7 Foods So Unsafe Farmers Won’t Eat Them | Food Freedom.

This is one of the most scary things I’ve read for a while, I’m going to share it around, everyone needs to know! And so much for “the land of the free” with all those things that should be human rights for all and aren’t!

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  1. Oh, Elen – It is a great article…but Alaskan salmon? With all these beached males clubbing seal pups to death? I wouldn’t touch any of that regions fish products – am I the only one on strike here?
    So difficult to get it right….


    1. No, I quite agree. I only eat salmon if I know who caught it, with a rod and line and out of a good river. Alaska seems to grow some very odd and inhuman people! I find knowing what I eat personally, where it comes from, the people who grew it or husbanded the animals, makes all the difference. I can visit the farms any time and see how the beasts are loved and treated. I still have a few fishing friends so can eat that too, knowing it was caught with respect.

      We’re lucky in that regard here, plenty of farmers and growers sell direct, and there are the local village markets. But people need to think, need to look, ask questions and not take glib and patronising answers from folk with their own axe to grind and don’t have respect. That goes just as much for vegetables as it does for animals, birds and fish.

      Elen Sentier

      behind every gifted woman there’s usually a rather talented cat …

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