I began this thread on Facebook but want to give it as wide a reading as possible so am copying it here as well.   This is great news…Elen Sentier


www.guardian.co.uk Nocton Dairies says Environment Agency objections derailed proposed 3,770-cow facility but new submission is likely … 16 February at 19:23 · · · Share

I particularly draw your attention to this post as it says so much that gets hidden in weasel words to make us all think it’s OK … thanks Tony Giles

@HJD: Your points are well taken, but just how “traditional” (or sensitive) a dairy farmer is Tony Gillett, I wonder? He says: “…the cows would only produce milk in such quantities if they were well looked after”…. Oh, really?

…and p…umped full of bovine growth hormone (BGH) to speed them to maturity and lactation. A calf will normally consume between eight and 16 pints of milk daily, so how else can one explain such an unnaturally high milk production level as 80 pints per day? Then there are the antibiotics they’re given to control the infection commonly accompanying the mastitis that invariably arises from the overdevelopment of the udder caused by the BGH. This is why the milk from industrial dairy farms contains blood and pus as well as traces of the BGH and antibiotics (but they don’t tell you about that).

Cows are naturally taciturn creatures and look content even when suffering. (Perhaps those little brown mushrooms hidden among the grass help a bit?)

Another dark aspect to industrial dairy farms is the vile trade in veal. Cows won’t lactate unless they first calve, but the calves that are “surplus to requirements” (mostly males who cannot be used as replacement stock) become an unwelcome cost centre, so they are removed from their mothers and shipped off to Europe where the taste for veal is much more developed.

Former farmer Gillett can but marvel at the scale and efficiency of the operation but he glosses over the fundamental objections to this type of animal husbandry. Asking him to comment on a mega-farm is like getting Goebbels’ views on Fox News.


Nobody would suggest bringing up children this way although we do it with our current stupid education programme that treats university degrees as industry fodder.


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