A friend wrote the following on my Facebook page. I think it’s excellent and want to share it further  …

Tony Giles

Having witnessed the rapid growth in pace of popular revolutionary consciousness, western governments are now running scared and are increasingly prepared either to crack down hard on dissent or make concessions, depending on how they see their chances of hanging on to power.

But the term “parliamentary democracy” is an oxymoron. Almost every so-called parliamentary democracy nowadays boils down to a two-party system that results in an ideologically polarised population. This means that, at any given time, a party supported by (50+n)% of the people imposes its will on the remaining (50-n)%. This is more properly referred to as “the tyranny of the majority” (and it is often a tiny majority). It is a most inefficient form of governance because, every time the opposition wins an election and comes to power, it vests an inordinate amount of time, energy and money in dismantling what its predecessor has put in place.

What we are seeing in a growing number of nations now is the dawning of a new political consciousness: the realisation that traditional forms of social organisation and control are broken, and a move towards true democracy wherein the people take to the streets and impose their will on the tyrants who rule them. This is the first stage of transition towards governance founded upon non-partisan consensus-building (I hope). If not, things are going to get awfully messy.

I’m thinking of starting up a business selling pitchforks and torches!

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Thanks Tony, we really do need to do something about this …

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