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I don’t usually do this – advertise companies I use like this – but this post has hit me on a topic I’m passionate about – a new=look economy. Oh Worpress uses ordinary money and such, may even still have shareholders, but the “distributed working”, across countries as well as cities, grabbed me. It’s a beginning.

As some of you know, I love ancient history – am press officer for the Eaton Camp Project – and am always staggered when some historians are surprised by how cosmopolitan we all were way back in the neolithic, let alone the bronze and iron ages. We travelled everywhere – even America πŸ™‚ – as well as working and marrying in far countries. We lost all that when we got small with the idea of nationhood, “my tribe is better than your tribe”, religious beliefs that made humansΒ separate from, better than, the rest of Creation, and all the modern crap we’ve suffered under for the last couple of thousand years.

WordPress’ way of working – and other companies do this too – is a beginning back towards our modern version of being truly cosmopolitan, truly human, instead of clinging to our race, country, colour, religion, nation and fearing, deriding, what is “not us”. I do hope more people get to work this way …

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