Watching the news tonight I was delighted to see that Egypt is free of their 30 years dictatorship. Hosni Mubarak is gone.

I was so impressed by the young people. One young 28-year-old girl was so clear and open, not making thing s up, knowing the country is in a turmoil of change, not knowing where it will go nor what will happen but being indefatigable still. ‘I’m ready to do it all over …’ she said, ‘we all are …’ when the journalist suggested the army might take over too much.

The “norms”, older folk, journalists etc., are all wondering what will happen, who the new leaders will be, who will take power. But the young people – I think – are wondering if there is any reason to go back to the old power-structure. So am I.

I’ve no idea what will happen. I sincerely hope the young people will hold to what they’ve done this past 18 wonderful days. I would very much like to see a new order come out of this, in hopes for all of us not just Egypt. Why should we have to continue under a useless and corrupt power-structure as all the westernised countries do? Including us here in Britain?

Ho hum … we’ll see, but I really hope this is a seed-change …

Elen Sentier

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