Hecate has gone from us.

It was quite impossible, whatever I did. She wanted to be THE CAT and had all the bottle to make herself so. She beat up Izzy every time she saw her and her final flying at Izzy, all tooth and claws, was too much. That happened on Wednesday evening. Hecate was then shut in my study – yes, of course, I went in to her! – and then yesterday morning I took her to Cats Protection and gave her to them.

It was heartbreaking in several ways. The worst was the look of complete betrayal in Izzy’s eyes. I had let her down badly, made her hoe no longer her home, and was not honouring her as my Familiar Spirit. Any more and I would have lost her.

I journeyed with Pan on Wednesday night and got, immediately, “Not for you!”. He took Hecate up in his arms and carried her away. I then got a right bollocking for being so dumb as to take two whole months to realise I’d got it wrong and that Hecate was not to be part of our household. I was horrified at my behaviour, struggling to “make things right”, using only my human-personality ideas, not listening to Otherworld. I’ve chalked it up and hope I won’t fall into that pit again.

Cats Protection were so kind and good with me, despite me crying all over them! Even provided me with a tissue :-). The took Hecate, who was rather confused and I know they will be loving her. You fill in a form about the cat when you leave one, giving as much info as you can so they know what sort of new home to look for. I gave Hecate a really good write-up for everything except other cats. She’s a real people-cat, excellent with my friend’s children including her baby. And she’s independent, not a cling cat but loves to be with people. I said she needs a house, garden – she loved ours – and not near busy roads. I’ll keep in touch and hope to hear she’s found her perfect place in due course.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Izzy and Olly are settling down again, coming out of the bedroom and not spending 24/7 under the bed as they were while Hecate was with us. That was not good! Both come and sit with/on me. Izzy cuddles me all night and purrs, even allows her tummy to be rubbed, real trust that. The house feels better, less stressed, and I’m just about getting back to work. So … if you’ve been waiting for me, and I know I owe work to several people, I’m just getting back on the job and shall be with you very shortly.

The moral? Never know best and never know first … always, always, ask you mentors in Spirit if you are really dong it right or just galumphing about treading on everyone by having “the best of intentions”.

I really will get myself some less-clodhopping boots and try to wear them !!!