Wam Barrows on Exmoor

If you like walking – as I do now they gave me new knees and shoulder – you may well like watching and listening to birds as you go, and as you stop still for a breather as I often do. I also love to look at and explore the trees, and the wildflowers, and the fungi, in fact all the natural world around me and I like to look at it from a scientific POV as well as a shamanic one. Now so many of us have mobile phones that are mini-computers I’m trying to get mine organised with the equivalent of the Collins Guides on board.

I used – when young and fit! – to carry the actual books in my pockets but that’s no longer a starter for 10, if I’m going to walk then it must be ultralight or I’ll crack up in the first 20 mins. But I’m damned if I’m going to stop walking again now I can, not for as long as I can, it’s such a gift to have been given it back even if only for a few years. So, as part of the ultralight revolution going on with me :-), I’m looking for apps for my phone to give me British birds, trees, flowers, fungi, et al on my phone.

And I’ve found a couple!

Ancient oak with Unicorn

Rick’s site, CrispyApps, sounds a bit mad but you go look at his Bird and Tree guides for Android, they’re excellent. And they’re available, really cheap, from Market for the Android phone.

For me, having a big-screen touch phone is about having apps for things you really want so all of that is folded away inside your phone, taking up no more weight and space than you would anyway. You’re not likely to go off into the wilds without your phone, even though there may often not be a signal as there isn’t in the places I favour. So you hear a bird call, see a bird, find a tree or plant … what is it? is it what you thought? the app on your phone will tell you.

Like the Collins Gem series of books, both the bird and tree apps have information about them but the phone can give you the bird calls for you to listen to and check out as well. I find this soooooo useful, you far more often hear a bird rather than see it!

If you’re in Britain and want British birds and trees I’ve not found better apps than Rick’s. give them a whirl. I’m just so pleased to have found them. this is what having a posh mobile phone with loads of memory, big screen and all the bells and whistles is about for me :-).

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