Today, on Facebook, a friend (Bobcat) pointed me to a new site about Chivalry.

I tend to twitch when faced with or offered either feminist or masculine things. From a teenager – when I understood the differences between men and women – I’ve always said, ‘I’m a person. I hang the sex on afterwards, if I fancy it (pun intended!)’. So sites about male chivalry tend to make me go ‘Oh-oh! More separatism?’ just as much as feminist sites do. This site isn’t.

This site seems to hark back to the Troubadours, a fascinating and international group of folk pledged to far more than the beautiful singing they are most famous for.

I’m really pleased to see someone promoting masculine values in such a way as this site does. It’s high time the masculine was celebrated and redeemed as much as the feminine. We have a lot to curse the Norman conquest for, until then the balance of power was much more equal, women were war-leaders and kings (see what the word really means, it’s  not about a person with dangly-bits at the bottom!) as well as (not instead of) men. Families were led by women as often as by men. We even elected our kings up until Willy-the-Conk arrived and bullied us into accepting primogeniture! We did hang onto that custom to some extent though as when we got totally fed up with the Stuarts we looked around for someone else found Mary with her hubby William over in Holland and asked her to come over. Later on, when we were stuck for a monarch, we looked up the Hapsburgs and groomed them to be king here. Yes … groomed them! They came over having signed a mutually beneficial (at the time) treaty.

So, the concept of chivalry as this site puts it, is looking quite good to the anarchist within me. I hope that it will lead folk (men included) to think about what is fundamental in the Celtic tradition …

  • the Land, the Earth, the Planet is Sovereignty, the Power which is also the independence, autonomy, self-government and freedom, and this is held in the Feminine principle.
  • the Guardian is the Masculine that keeps, cares for, watches over and protects the Land, Sovereignty.

Our stories, customs and traditions all have this as their root.

If chivalry can encompass these basic ideas then it will really go somewhere. Feminism should not be antagonistic to males, neither should masculinity be antagonistic and controlling of females. When you get the hang of spirituality to the extent of realising that the body you wear today, this lifetime, is just a spacesuit fitted for life on Earth that you soul wears, you begin to get the hang of it. You grow on from there to realise that your soul has worn bodies of both genders and all sexual orientations … so “you”, the ultimate you-ness, is not a man or a woman but a soul-energy that grows through many lifetimes, wearing many bodies, having many genders and sexual orientations as well as different experiences that help it to grow and be more useful to Spirit.

If chivalry can take us all – whatever our current gender – on to growing out of the childhood of the personality and into the grownup-ness of the soul then it’s a really good thing.