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I believe very strongly that we put far too much emphasis on safety these days. It’s got to the point in the UK where there are so many warnings, restrictions and official recommendations that you can hardly turn around without falling over the wretched things. Seriously, anyone who needs to be warned that yoghurt contains dairy products deserves to suffer a little with their milk allergy, don’t they? Personally I’d be furious to discover the bag of nuts I’ve just purchased doesn’t ‘contain nuts’! Making errors, finding things out the hard way, is the best way we learn and grow. Most people learn far better by doing than by being told, reading a book or watching a public information film! Tell your kids that fire burns, by all means – but if they insist on holding the hot end of the match, let them get a bit of a scorching. They’ll understand then exactly what you meant and believe you next time! I’m not saying you should hand babies a lighted firework, but let people take a few risks, let them stub their toes, skin their knees, bite their tongues and (even) break the odd toe or finger without wrapping them up in cotton wool!

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