I am fed up to the back teeth with people.

I know not everyone is like this – behaves like a spoilt brat – but so very many seem to. I’ve just been watching the BBC news. For a start, their newsreaders are utterly painful, they always look for a negative, always try to put whoever they’re interviewing in the wrong. Then they seem to have no education, knowledge, sense or even wit. They are often nasty, smarmy, brattish and unpleasant.

The latest piece that has got my goat is an interview with the boss of BAA about the snow and the airports. The interviewer begins by asking a lot of stupid questions, like have you spent enough money on de-icing kit. How is the man supposed to know? When did we last have a winter like this? What has he got to compare it with?

The inference being that everything would all right for the passengers if BAA had done their job right and it’s BAA’s fault if the passengers are stuck

Then the interviewer went on to askthe BAA boss why British Airways has cancelled all its flights today. He bullied the BAA boss, trying to make him speak for British Airways. The BAA man refused – very rightly – to do so. Then the interviewer tried to make out that British Airways were being stupid in cancelling their flights because other airlines were still flying and the runways at Heathrow were still open (just!), again baiting the BAA man.

The whole thing sounded like the interviewer was a spoilt brat, whining for a Mars Bar. His tone was accusing, condemning, critical, blaming, censuring, altogether nasty. And quite unnecessary.

It’s snowing. It’s winter. This is Life, how it is. what does the interviewer think. He bahaves like one of the spoilt brats from Big Brother.

It seems to me that far too many people think their little lives should just happen as they want them, that somebody should stop the snow, make it all right for them. This is the conduct of an unknowing child, one who hasn’t yet learned that s/he is not the centre of the universe, that things don’t get changed just because s/he doesn’t like it. But these are actually people who are chronologically adults although they have no concept of adult behaviour.

The next news-piece was about the rise in VAT in January. The newsreader ended by saying everyone was trying to buy things before the rise because, ‘Why would you want to give any more money to the taxman?’

What? Where did this question come from? What do these oversized and over-aged children think taxes are for?

How is your education paid for? Your healthcare, your roads, your public transport? How are the poor, unwaged, disabled, sick, the disadvantaged, paid for? Maybe you don’t give a shit about people like that?

Do you even know?

Do you believe what whichever version of Goebbels (either in power or in opposition) says about how taxes are misused? Do you even know who Goebbels was, what he did?

Taxes are how we pay for the huge things that make us a civilised society. If you mind paying them it makes you a selfish and spoilt brat who just wants to take-take-take and never have to give into the system.

The same goes for the moaners, whiners and whingers who carp on about not being able to fly off on holiday because it’s snowing, or there’s an ash-cloud from a volcano, or some other thing that is really quite normal. The poor little mites have had their hopes dashed … diddums!

These are just a couple of items I’ve picked on.

And now I’m actually having a feel-good from Sky News (not BBC) they are talking very sensibly about air-miles for food, growing local and organic. Good stuff, intelligent, not whining, encouraging.

Goodbye BBC – you are not doing it for me !!!