A Question …
Several people I know tell me severely, soundly and with full conviction that the last Labour government left us in a real financial mess, and we could become bankrupt.

Who says? Where is the evidence for this? And … if Gordon Brown was clever enough to create a world financial crisis surely he would be the best person to get the whole world out of it.

However, this is bollocks. If you go back to the 1929 crash and depression you will see amazing similarities – even down to exactly the same banks causing the crash, through greed and fraud and big bonuses. Sound familiar?

It is the bankers who caused the crash. And then we paid them off – understandably because without this there would have been a depression 10-100 times worse than that of 1929, which Brown and cohorts knew.

Then the bankers lied and blackmailed us, saying if you stop our bonuses we’ll go overseas and make money for other people. Ok … go! But where will you go? Where, in this financial climate, are these easy-come jobs that you would go to, Mr Banker? Of course, there are none. All the foreign bankers are clinging to their jobs like bloody limpets, they certainly won’t let any of our bankers take their jobs away!

So where did this lie come from? Does your attention span reach back to the pre-election posters etc.? there was Cameron telling this lie in his posh, paternal, weasel voice … and all you suckers abandoned what synapses you still had and believed it! Sheeesh !!!

He and all the gulls he has conned into government with him continue the lie. They dare do no less or they will lose their nice lucrative prestigious jobs.

So the students pay. The OAPs pay. The poor pay. The sick and disabled pay. The drug and alcohol dependant pay, all those who the righteous Republicans of the US call “clunkers” – how shameful to call your unfortunate fellows such a disgusting name.

But the bankers do not pay.

The three Etonians who rule our roost with such smarmy patronage are all millionaires, they got their money with the aid of those very bankers who crashed the world. Those very bankers who are each, individually, given hundreds of millions of pounds in bonuses while the police forces have to “tighten their belts”.

If the bankers did not have their bonuses then students, sick, elderly, police, health, education, transport and all the rest would not have to face these cuts.

How shocking can it be that we don’t even see this? 60 million brain-donors, without a synapse to rub between them, is it that inhabit Britain nowadays? Sorry – it’s not quite that many but there are a helluva lot!

And salvation is right there – if only the idiots would see it. It’s called the Robin Hood Tax. If you care at all go and look, see what it’s about, then push like hell for it. You remember that banker who scored millions by shaving the last hundredth of a per cent off every transaction? Well that’s what the Robin Hood Tax is about. We know it works because lots of bankers have made fortunes by doing it – mostly they’ve not been caught as Nick Leeson was.

But will the Etonian red-necks do this? Not on your nelly! They’ve too much invested in the status quo. If we all revolt enough – like the students are – maybe there’s a chance. Don’t kid yourself that talking rationally will do any damn good at all – it never has and it never will. How did Yasser Arafat become a hero? Or lets go back even further … how did George Washington create America? He was a damned terrorist as far as George III was concerned! Now he’s damn near a god on t’other side o’ the pond.

So … if we sorted our economy properly, through the people who actually created the mess, not the scapegoat Cameron created, then we might actually have chance of getting ourselves into a real, compassionate, caring and affluent society! Yes, I did say affluent!

Would you like that?

If so, then stop believing the weasel lies of Cameron and Clegg and Osborne. Start asking questions. Start telling them to shut up and answer the question you asked, don’t let them get away with bamboozling you.

Can you do that ???