A friend just introduced me to this poet. Here is a taste of his work …

Arnica, eyebright, the
draft from the well with the
star-die on top,
in the
written in the book
—whose name did it record
before mine — ?
in this book
the line about
a hope, today,
for a thinker’s
to come,
in the heart,
forest sward, unleveled,
orchis and orchis, singly,
crudeness, later, while driving,
he who drives us, the man,
he who also hears it,
the half-
trod log-
trails on the highmoor,
Celan: “Todtnauberg” (translated by Pierre Joris)[9]
Used by permission of the translator[

thanks Rob, a new place to be.

Elen Sentier

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