Friends on FB were extolling this man’s speech so I listened … Hmmm !!!

He talked of  the middle classes NOT the poor, Crooks on wall street, Greed, Inequality … but not the real poor. there was the occasional mention of elderly poor people suffering from cancer and not able to get health care, but that was as far as it got. ye gods, it’s shocking to me that anyone should be allowed to suffer and die in the US because they cannot afford health care. That’s real greed.

America is a class-ridden country. They and Sanders speak of the middle class who are well off compared with their poor.

Senator Sanders has a little bit of a handle on his compatriots but if I had heard him talk about the poor rather than the middle classes I would have felt some confidence. As it is, with him doing his Christmas shopping and worrying about Chinese products – the US is bankrolled by China, silly man! – rather than about the poor people who don’t have enough to eat, roofs over their heads, health care, education because they are nowhere near as rich as the middle classes he supports, makes me sick.

Yes, Sanders, it’s a good war-cry against Obama (who you unknowing US folk think is a socialist! He’s nowhere near a socialist!) but that’s all it is. It’s not real caring for the poor, the real poor. It seems to us who don’t live there (thank the gods!) that Americans despise the poor and think they are lazy and rubbish, “clunkers” as republicans call them. What a gods-forsaken attitude to people in worse circumstances than yourself!

No, I cannot support this man. He’s talking weasel words to go against Obama (not that I hold a brief for him either!). It’s all politics, from a comfy armchair, by a nice fire … “the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful” … yeah ???

And I do NOT  want Britain to go that way. Please Cameron, if we have to suffer you, get some sense, care about people not money.