Being a shaman and a witch …

I follow the old ways of my country, Britain. Ways that have been followed since human-kind first thought, that’s millions of years. These ways care about the Earth, are about sharing, are about caring for each other … but I am denigrated and slandered by many, many people – mostly christian – if I say I am a shaman and a witch.

This goes against the laws against religious prejudice in this country. But I, an indigenous person following the ways of my own country, get no benefit from these laws although outsiders do … hindu, muslim, jew, buddhist, jayne, etc, etc.

Why ???

This is not fair and is quite horrible. Why am I denigrated, my practice denigrated and made fun of, when hindu pantheism is respected? Why is my practice not respected?

It’s dreadful to be an outsider in your own country …

Elen Sentier

behind every gifted woman there’s usually a rather talented cat …

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