Last night I watched Insects, from David Attenborough’s Life on Earth – a delight.

And you know one of the reasons why? Not once in a ¾ of an hour’s programme did I have to look at Sir David’s face! Or his left ear. Or him looking at something fascinating that the producer won’t let me see because he keeps the camera on the damned “hero” of the series. It was heaven. I was able to watch Monarch butterflies without flipping like some autistic teenager between shots.

I loathe the current programme makers with their personality cults and obsession with humanity! And people! And each other. And all that crap.

I’m watching another programme now – How the Earth made us: Water. I’m not getting much sense of water but lots of the useless tyke who’s voice bores on and on interminably on … telling me bugger all! Unlike Attenborough. Ye gods is this dumbed down. This 30-something twit, probably with alphabet soup after his name in degrees and other twaddle, is acting like he, and I, are aged five and mentally deficient!

I used to love science and history programmes – now it’s like being at some gods-forsaken theme-park, where the producers are all into video games and pretty stupid ones at that.

There is no continuity in this programme – just massive SFX. And everything is about humans … not about all the rest of Life with which we share the planet.

And you know something? Although the twit goes on about how important water is he’s not yet mentioned the main reason why … we are made of 70+% water. Sheeeesh !!!

I want all the old programmes back, Attenborough, Bronowski, all the old guard who didn’t treat me as if I’d had a lobotomy nor yet behave as if they had.

Come on, idiot programme makers, get a grip, grow up, talk real science not arcade games.

Elen Sentier

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