Do you know how to survive?

What would you do if most of the people in the world died? If there was no electricity, no water, no sanitation, no foods shops, no telephone, no internet, no mobile phone, no cars, no petrol … ???

Do you know how to live without all the things that have become essential to most of the civilised world over the past 50 years?

Could you filter dirty water using a sock and some sand?

Could you make fire with a battery and some wire wool, or a magnifying glass like the lens of your specs, or with flint and steel, or with a bow and string?

Could you make a bark or clay cooking pot?

Do you know what wild plants you can eat?

Do you know what creatures you can eat? That ants have 50 times the protein of minced beef? That seaweed is really nutritious?

Do you know not to sleep on the ground because it’s too cold, and how to make a branch or bracken bed?

Do you know how to make a bender, a shelter out of natural branches and grass? Or even a mud hut?

Can you catch trap and kill an animal for food?

Would you defend yourself to the death?

Can you work with animals, learn to keep chickens, milk cows, keep pigs?

Can you grow vegetables?

I’m learning all these things …