Rose Hips

Rose Hips

We cut back the huge briar rose in the east hedge yesterday and took the last of the hips – they made a goodly half-bag for several pots of jelly.

But look at the size difference in the picture! The small ones at the bottom came from the hedge on the path down by Eaton Camp from a walk I did with Jo and Roy a couple of weeks back. They’ve been sat in the freezer waiting until I had some more, enough for a jelly. The large ones at the top came from our own hedge. It’s the same rose, the native briar, rosa canina, the dog rose, in both cases but two different growing conditions and one huge difference. Our dog rose gets sprayed biodynamically, the ones on the Eaton camp path don’t. Our hips are twice as big, fat, juicy and red as those from the hedge.

This looks to be quite a testimonial for biodynamics to me Smile

I got some haws from our own trees too while Paul was cutting the briar back so the jelly will be hips-n-haws this time around. Haws are the fruits, the dark red berries of the hawthorn tree, the May tree, the whitethorn, Blodeuwedd’s tree. Our east hedge is mostly this.

The trees are very well laden this year – does that mean another hard winter? – so there are still tree-fulls for the birds. A robin sang over my head as I picked, asking me to leave enough for them. I assured him I would. There was a goodly crop of hips left too that we didn’t take so are still there for the birds and critters.

Sharing is a vital part of being a shaman … as it is of being a human being, indeed of Life on Planet Earth as I was reminded in David Attenborough’s wonderful series about mammals that we watched last night. With give and take, caring, sharing, not being greedy, we can live with the Earth. If we are selfish, fearful and controlling we damage the earth and eventually (possibly quite soon) are dealt with by Her. A good thing to remember as a gardener …

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