The moon was beautiful the other night, glimmering above the trees, calling me to go out and watch her along with her sister-stars.


Tuck Mill Quay


Water is so strong in us, bodies made of 70+% water we are drawn by the tides within us as the oceans are drawn on the Earth. The pull of the new and full moons is high – spring tides they call them in the sea – and they certainly spring in me. My body changes, pulls me closer to the Earth as well as drawing me to be by rivers and water. It took me on a walk earlier that day down to the old quay where the Cage Brook joins the Wye under Eaton Camp, a wonderful place dripping and rushing, one day maybe we’ll be able to clear it some more so it’s easier to get to the Wye. The Mother River is deep and dark and silky here, pulling at me, with the kelpies dancing below the surface tempting me to join them. Not yet … not yet …


Elen Sentier
behind every creative woman there’s usually a rather talented cat

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