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Mentoring is having an apprentice who works alongside the shaman in the physical. I also have students who work with me in the virtual world, on the net and find both good and useful.

I use the Welsh Celtic stories of the Mabinogion to weave the teachings around, beginning with the story of Llew Llaw Gyffes, going on to Ragnall’s Wedding (about choice), Gawain and the Green Knight (tests and responsibility), Taliesin (initiation and change). I also use the story of the place where I live, of Dyfrig, our local Merlin-figure – you can Google for his basic story on the web. All these stories show us about how to live life successfully and in tune and time with Mother Earth – very necessary for the shaman if s/he is to be of service to the people.

I use my book, Dreamweaver,  on beginning shamanic practice as the basis for the work. I also use Caitlin Matthews’ books, Mabon and the Ancient Guardians of Britain and King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land. Caitlin’s books (and she’s a dear friend of mine) help you understand the ancient stories at a deeper level, vital for the apprentice shaman. Although the stories are set in Britain they are universal tales, if you look you will find stories of the land in which you live that tell the same lore, the lore is universal throughout the Earth.

We meet twice each month. You need to set aside 3 working hours for each of these meetings, sometimes more if we visit a sacred site further off – I use sites along the Wye and in the Black Mountains.  We work, journey, do ritual and questing.  Usually one visit each month is to my house for feedback about the work you’ve done and setting up the next task, the other visit is to a sacred site to work with me.

As well as feedback, I pose questions, challenges and offer ideas for things you could do to grow, we do some work, then I send you off with a task (or three J). You report back to me on how things have gone, what you have done, how you feel, and what has changed and grown in you over the past month. It’s this changing, opening up, widening of perspective, that is important for the apprentice shaman.

I also teach you how to journey safely and what to watch out for; how to do craft work like making your own rattle, crane bag, silver branch. You will meet and work with your Familiar, Teacher and Totem. And there is a very simple focussing ritual I ask you to do every morning and evening as well.

By yourself, you will be working about an hour a day on all the above, some days more and others less but it will work out at about an hour a day.

You can always ask me anything you like, via email and/or text. I will respond … not always with answers but sometimes with more questions that lead you to find your own answers J. I offer you several hours a month of my time via email and text as well as the time devising your lessons and giving you feedback.

Exchange is always a part of shamanic work so I charge a fee of £45 per month for mentoring, to cover the time we work together and my time with email/txt and mentoring your progress.

Always, I encourage you to be yourself, find your own answers, to grow in confidence and the ability to work and serve. If this is this what you’re looking for please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Elen Sentier
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