Woke this morning to gold and blue light, slanting across the window. Entrancing. So I sat there for twenty minutes slowly drinking a cup of tea, just watching.

The light moved across the sky, kissing clouds, tickling the leaves at te top of the lilac tree, glittering the edge of the satellite dish across the field so it shone like a great flying saucer standing on its side.

The light was everything, filled me up. You can drink light, you know, it tastes even better than Orange Pekoe tea fist thing in the morning. To spend a few moments drinking in the light of the new day …

Then, this evening … We walked the old iron age hill fort this afternoon, high above the river Wye. The fort is on a promontory that pokes its way out of the south towards the ancient mother-river. Light slanted across the hillside, glittering the grass, making the hawthorn berries that filled the hedges all around glow like millions of rubies.

We walked the old ways, the old tracks, feeling into how the folk who built the hill fort might have been on such an evening as this.

Standing out on the promontory, peering through the thorn and elder was like standing at the prow of a ship. Where would she take us? we stood, silent, watching, wondering.Β  The slanting light behind us lit the shadows of the future …

Elen Sentier
behind every creative woman there’s usually a rather talented cat
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