No-Knead Bread

Just begun my No-Knead Bread for the first time – and set alarm so I remember to take it out and deal with it in 18 hrs time :-).  It says you can try it after 12 hrs but if anyone thinks I’m getting up at 2 ack emma they are mistaken LOL. Anyway, it says 18 hrs is better so that means 8 o’clock tomorrow or thereabouts. Watch this space …

PS – bread-making is pure alcemy to me 🙂

PPS – this is my friend’s recipe – see comment below. Much easier to understand as written by cook not journalist !!!

PPPS – 2nd batch much better – see comment below

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6 thoughts on “No-Knead Bread

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  1. First attempt NOT good :-(. Difficult following American recipe with “cups” & farenheight :-). Also think I let it get too hot and so killed the yeast.

    Am having 2nd go with friend’s recipe, built for Brits. the initial dough looked much better. It’s all wrapped up in towels, in a warm spot in the house. I got my timing all wrong though as it was 13.00 when I made it … 12 hours later means 01.00 – arrgghh !!! never mind we’ll do it. I suspect it won’t hurt if I leave it longer … although I understand it could turn into the monster from kitchen-space and start crawling out of the bowl and all over the table. Maybe I should get slo-mo video and film it ???


  2. 2nd go was much better. So long since I did bread without machine it’s hard getting the temp right for the yeast. Have just started my 3rd batch, think I may have sorted how to do temperature now … will let you know in 24 hrs. this bread takes time, you need to leave it alone to do its thing :-).


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