Jenni notices the book Bran is reading, Mary Andre’s “Arthurian Herefordshire” [it’s real, you can get it, and good] and asks him about it. He tells her of his fascination with the Arthurian mythos and how he’d looked up Dyfrig, the magician who crowned Arthur at Caer Fudi (which might be  Silchester or Woodchester). And how he discovered  Dyfrig was an ancient version of his own name, Deferyl. He also tells her he’s story and song hunting … stalking stories, he calls it …  looking for more about Dyfrig.

Jenni gives him her name, Jenni Merryweather, and remarks that his first name means raven in the old tongue. He asks if Merryweather isn’t an old witch-name and discovers from her answer that her Aunt Aferyl lives at the Modlen Tower … supposedly built on the foundations of Dyfrig’s wizard-school from the 6th century.

Jenni is a link he hadn’t dreamed about … where will she take him?

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