Monarda & Rain

Although the garden is absolutely gasping for rain – this is the dryest year since 1974 so far! – the monardas are looking gorgeous. So have the tiger Lilies :-).

Plants are amazing things, the want to grow and they do their damndest to do so whatever is thrown at them. We have heavy cloud but it just seems to be a bit too high to rain, although you can see the clouds are full of it. I’m doing rain dances …

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Celtic shaman – Elen Sentier Coughing up bones …

5 thoughts on “Monarda & Rain

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  1. Would you like me to drum up some rain too? Might be a good idea, though I won’t be held reponsible if we get a monsoon!!! 😀
    Yes, I agree. Many of my plants are wilting badly, some trees too,(we are on pure sand here) but some are flourishing. Feel sad for the hedghogs and badgers-they must be starving. Had a slug hunt with grandson today to feed their abandoned baby hedgepig-found lots in my compostbin!!


    1. It’s not good. Lots of worms still around here. There was quite a bit of water stress in trees on Dartmoor. Some here too at Eaton Camp above the Wye. Do drum up some rain please. Hope hedgehog makes it.


  2. Your garden looks beautiful, in spite of drought. Mine does too, in parts, where I’ve worked more on the soil.It’s so dry on the allotment, I almost need dynamite to get to my spuds!!! Not so many worms in the soil here, but plenty in the compostbins thankfully. Am sure baby hoglet will be fine-he’s in very capable hands-they found him curled up under their car a week ago-smaller than a tennis ball-and have been administering plenty of proper food and tlc ever since. It’s hard to plan ahead these days, with each year so different. Only 3 yrs ago we were under water!


    1. Global warming – it doesn’t exist of course! All a case of asking the goddess every day what the land needs, but planning v difficult. Thank the gods for our spring water 🙂 . Birds doing well here.


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