Oak Man

Just a quick thought … I was doing work on the Ogham today, about the Midsummer and the ritual sacrifice of the Oak King and it came to me … Umm! Should I say, you’ve probably guessed :-). I have to use this as part of the story in the new novel, OAK MAN.

As I write, more “stuff” is coming in, some of the more minor characters are poking their heads up and suggesting very useful-sounding stuff. I’d better make space to listen to them …

See ya later … off for a listen to a whole bunch of Oak Men ….

“… those old men of Moccas, those grey, gnarled, low browed, knock-kneed, bent, huge, strange, long armed, deformed, hunchbacked, misshapen oak men that stand awaiting and watching century after century biding God’s time with both feet in the grave and yet tiring down and seeing generation after generation.’

From “The Ancient Trees in Moccas Park”  by the Rev Francis Kilvert

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