Last Thursday, 6th May 2010, 29 million, 653 thousand and 638 votes were cast. As we run one-person-one-vote in Britain that means 29,653,638 people cast their votes, expressed their opinions on who they wanted to govern the country.

With the current rather odd voting system this resulted in the Conservatives getting 306 seats, Labour getting 258 seats, the Lib-Dems getting 57 seats and everyone else getting 29 seats in Parliament. There are 650 seats which equals 650 constituencies in Britain.

However – despite Nick Vlegg’s claims that “the will of the people” should rule – these seats do NOT represent the will of the people, not if you count the votes cast for each party.

The Conservatives got 10,706,647 votes

Labour got 8,604,358

The Lib-Dems got 6,827,938

The Others got 3,514,695

That means 18,946,991 people did NOT vote conservative, voted against the conservatives!

This is the reason why Liberals like me have been calling for proportional representation for at least 45 years in my own case. So much for Nick Clegg’s pious calls for the will of the people to be honoured … don’t they teach them to add up at Eton? Don’t they teach them logic either?

The will of the people – as seen in the number of votes cast – shows that the conservatives were not what people wanted. However, we seem to be lumbered with ‘em for the time being.

It’s not fair that the majority of people who cast their votes do not get what they want from the election.

Proportionally …

The Conservatives got 36% of the votes

Everyone else, the other 64% of us didn’t want them.

What does that say … ?

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