I bought a contraption a couple of weeks back, from the Organic Gardening Catalogue, and it arrived today. I’m an impulse buyer with all shopping and I just about always get it right as long as I listen to my gut – this was a case in point.

The first pic is of the frame. BTW, that’s Paul in the backgrund about to flick more cow-pat-pit over the beds!

You get a long box full of rattley things that all tumble on your feet when you open it up. It’s a set of tubes and connectors.

The instructions are brief but the labelling is easy, with a modicum of nouse you’ve got the picture. And there is a picture too, so you don’t have to do the 3D jigsaw by guess.

The stuff is sturdy but light so I had no trouble with that either.

OK, that bit’s done, now to get one of the covers on.

You get 2 sorts of cover in the package – a very fine mesh pest control one and a plastic warmth-control one. Both seem basically fine and are very easy to get onto the frame – unlike some things I’ve tried! However, the warmth control one is much darker than I’d thought from the original pic in the catalogue. I want it, first off, for my tomatoes and they do need light or they sulk.

We’ll see. It’s definitely a good insulator.

As well as being easy to assemble, and to get the covers on, each of the covers has several zip-fastener openings from top to bottom down one side. This will make getting to the plants sooooooooooo much easier! I love using covers to help the plants but getting to them to cultivate or harvest can be a nightmare :-).

The frame is 1m high, good for bigger veg like cabbages etc, and for early toms. I’m hoping to keep my overwintering peas and beans in it this year – lost them to the cold last year  :-(.

It’s 2m long … I had to go measure and work out where it would go in the garden, a potential problem and something to consider if you go for one … but it does give you space. And it’s sturdy, as I said, and strong and doesn tangle you legs as you wrestle with putting it up. On the other hand I can pick the whole thing up by myself and – if I’m careful – move it around from bed to bed without Paul’s help.

I shall see how it goes and, if it works and I’ve got the money, maybe get another. It would be ideal for allotments and larger veg gardens. got a friend coming over to see it soon as she fancies the idea for her veg beds and – clever woman! – she’d already designed the beds to be 1m x 2m or 1m x 4m so they will fit perfectly!

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