Yes … I know … sounds nuts!  But it’s actually an excellent way to get the biodynamic compost preparations onto the ground without them first going through the compost heap.

You need

  • a clean plastic household bucket,  half full of water
  • 100gms of the Cow Pat Pit mixture. You can buy it already made up from your Biodynamic association


  • fill the bucket, half full of rain water. If it has to be tap water, then leave overnight before use to allow chemicals in water to evaporate
  • put 100gms of the Cow Pat Pit mixture into the water
  • Stir for 20 minutes – first in one direction and then the other, making a vortex, as you do for 500 and 501.
  • Flick the mixture onto your garden with a large (clean) wallpaper brush

Cow pat pit can also be addedd to BD500 prep when stirring.

We find it makes a great difference, helping both the veg and the flowers. After our hard winter this year the soil is asking for a bit of extra help :-).

In the BD Association in India they really go for making it in a big way – BD is very popular there – as this pic shows :-).