The sun is shining, it’s dry and warm, all the birds are singing and it smells like spring out there πŸ™‚

Am clearing up the front yard today – well beginning anyway.I like to get the delphiniums and lilies potted up too. There is always so much to do! I sat up in bed with my pot of tea this morning doing 3 x A5 pages of garden to-do list !!!

As it’s a root day – even though in the southern hemisphere – I hope to get the potatoes into their bags today too. I need toi clear the soil heap that’s by where the greenhouse will go and I need some of it for the spuds. Shall put the rest in big pots for the tomatoes, peppers and aubergine IDC.

And I’ve still got the last 1/3 of the band edge to weed, but not doing that til after the steroid injection in the shoulder this afternoon. There are still twinges even though I didn’t do heavy work yesterday.