Cold wet and windy journey to garden centre – wish the Jet Stream would move back over to the north of us and let some warm air in!  Because of recession they’re not doing much 9cm pot stuff, although I did manage to get the one and only Rudbeckia Goldsturm,  so I’ll have to wait for the bigger plants in a month or so … more expensive too! 

It’s all the recession … not going to stock anything they’re not sure they can get rid of. However, there were very few people at the centre (not good!) so I understand. Couple of nice intelligent staff to chat to though :-).

Got a whack of dahlia tubers though. I’ll pot ’em up tomorrow and get ’em going with some bottom heat. Lots of Bishop of Llandaff, like the colour and it’s “Dyfrig” *g*. May well add them to the Cottage garden. Also got some delphinium roots to similarly pot and bottom heat. Our soil does delphiniums well. And 3 9cm achillea – red variety, can’t recall name. And a solitary purple Sea Holly. So much for buying in 3s and 5s! Nice idea … can’t get the plants! We’ll have to get to growing our own from seed.