Eee oop, as me Mam’s folk usda say :-). Me Mam came from Hull, and her Mam came from the Isle o’ Mann.  Anyways, nough o’ that …

Good Friday has been traditional spud-planting day for a good many years, centuries, in Britain as the frosts are supposed to be over by then and spuds don’t like frost. Despite the predictions of snow it looks like Hereford’s going to miss it, may be very wet on Wed & Fri but otherwise not too bad. And … Thursday looks like it might even be sunny! Yipeeeeeee !!!

Why all the joy? Well, Thursday 1st April is Paul-n-Me’s 36th anniversary. Yes, we both deserve gold medals but, as a consolation prize, we’re probably going to The Boat Inn for lunch and then a walk along the river to Whitebrook and back, about 4.2 miles. Will let you know how it goes.

We stirred today – 500 stirring, for the beds I hope to use, beginning at Ostara. I was cleaning up a couple of flower beds over the weekend and the soil really has warmed up, my hands weren’t cold so … maybe … I can get some stuff going.  The sowings on the window ledge and in the propagator are doing OK, perhaps I can begin hardening them off soon. I really does feel slow this year, taking ages to get warm.

I must get the slug pubs going tomorrow too. that means going to the supermarket for some ultra-cheap beer and maybe some more plastic cups. After last year’s efforts I feel this is probably the best way forward, try to get this year’s youngsters before they have a chance to breed! I still hope the frost and cold will have killed off a lot but I’ve already found a few babies … arrrgghh !!!

Spuds, this year, are going in bags rather than in beds. they take up a lot of room in beds and I would rather use it for other stuff, especially greenery.  I’ve got them chitting nicely. Next thing is to collect the good soil and do the bags, will try for that on Friday if not too wet. The soil comes from lawn-edgings. grass turf, that I stacked up under black plastic last year. Grass turf makes super topsoil, don’t ever throw it away, stack it up in the dark and the following year you’ll have great stuff for the beds. I use all my lawn-edgings this way.