I decided to ask all our forthcoming canditates for Parliament what their policy on hunting is. This was to the UK Independant Party (UKIP)

Subject: Contact from hereford.ukip.org
Could you tell me what your policy is on the hunting ban?

The reply from Valentine Smith – the candidate for Hereford – was as follows …

Hi Annie
Thanks for your enquiry.
We would repeal the ban but make sure it is regulated to ensure it is
carried out safely and efficiently.

We have every sympathy for those that support the ban due to concerns about
animal welfare, but believe that the large number of people who object to
hunting on a misplaced sense of class warfare have actually clouded the real

I hope that answers your question.


My reply to him was as follows …

Thank you for your reply. It’s good to know where you stand but you won’t get my vote.Having hunted with 6 packs (both fox and stag hounds) over several years in Devon and Somerset I know what goes on. I also know that if (as is not the case with hunts) your prime motive is to cull a species then shooting is far more effective. I’ve had a dozen foxes in a night shooting whereas chasing with dogs often doesn’t even get one. And when did you last eat fox ???

As far as stag hunting is concerned it’s completely daft except for the dubious “thrill of the chase”. You can’t even eat the meat after because of all the adrenalin and you don’t cull the beasts that need culling but just chase whatever first gets up in front of hounds. Again, stalking and shooting is far more effective (and skillful) and gives you good meat at the end of it. I regularly get good venison from local culls.

Hare coursing again is ridiculous and cruel. If you want to eat rabbit and hare (as I do) then get the ferrets out, go for a good walk and take your gun.

Pandering to people who talk about “sport” when they mean killing for pleasure is really not the sign of an intelligent government. And … it’s well known that serial killers begin with animals … says it all really.

By the way, you might have noticed from my reply that I am not in the least motivated by “class-warfare”, nor are others I know who also think hunting, per see, is outdated, inefficient and useless as well as being cruel. To make such assumptions about people without even asking them is insulting and smacks of a form of “class-warfare” on your part. You might like to change that attitude as it might get you more votes.