Sunrise over Dunkery BeaconWas talking, over the w/end, with a friend about equinox being equal hours of daylight and darkness and she made the comment that it certainly didn’t feel equal, just looking at the sky. I decided to go and see.

It looks like the actual hours of equal light and dark took place, this year, on 17th & 18th March. This isn’t really surprising as the equinox itself moves backwards due to precession … *g*. But it is interesting.

The pictureis of sunrise over Dunkery Beacon.

17 Mar 2010 06:10 18:08 11h 57m 42s + 3m 58s 12:09 37.2° 148.856
18 Mar 2010 06:08 18:10 12h 01m 41s + 3m 58s 12:09 37.6° 148.897