Phew! The last couple of days have been flat out. I wanted to open up Lower Wood by moving all the grasses and cephalaria down there up to the round bed by the pond, it was a big job. This is a pic of Lower Wood – now opened up.

I wanted to get it done yesterday as it was a leaf day, although I had today as well if necessary (also a leaf day), as grasses are (fairly obviously *g*) grown for their leaves. My garden designer friend, Jo, came round to help, the weather was sublime and we did the job! I didn’t manage to get a “before” photo but here is the round bed now full of grasses and cephalaria. The poor things look rather the worse for wear but that’s due to the hard winter, they’ll perk up nicely in a week or three.

The grasses are Stipa arundinacia. I want to add in Rudbeckia, Asters, Heleniums, Michaelmas Daisies and Dahlias, all of which will give late-season colour, hopefully right through to November.

The picture of the Stipa Walk isn’t of my garden but it gives an idea of what I want …

Cephalaria are like huge, cream-coloured scabious and grow 6ft+ high – at least they do in this garden! This is one from last year, with bumble bee.