Nuin: Ash

Nuin, the Ash tree, has its Ogham moon from 18 Feb – 17 Mar.

This picture from Wilson’s almanac gives you some good reference points to identify it. the lower picture is of a most impressive ash tree at Brannbolstad, with a 4.7m girth, that I found on the Woodland Trust site.

Ash is the tree of rebirth. It is also the tree of Gwydion who is the master enchanter of Britain.

Rebirth is about regeneration, revival, a new start or beginning, revival, resurgence, reawakening. Resurgence is especially interesting as it comes from the word “surge” meaning to gush, pour forth, rise, well up, spill over and such, and rebirth can involve all of these.

The great ash tree, Yggdrasil, of the Nordic tradition is also the World Tree. It is  sacred to Odin, as well as Gwydion, and used as Odin’s steed. The 3 Norns of the Scandinavian traditions – who are also another face of the Triple Goddess – dispensed justice under the ash tree. In Greece the ash was sacred to Poseidon, god of the sea, ocean, earthquakes and horses. In Wales and Ireland all oars and coracle slats were made of ash to protect against drowning.

Ash is also the very best wood for making a fire. In it’s fire role, ash is a creator/destroyer tree, a tree that carries the essence of “power” – that part of the Triskele that is the life-spark. Note too … its name is ASH … the result of burning … what does this tell you?

Ash is a transmutation tree, helping us walk across the worlds. This is one of the reasons ash is often used as the wood for all the ogham staves, to help the user walk between worlds.

Next month I’ll take a bit about the next moon-tree of the Ogham – Fearn, the Alder tree.

  • If you’re interested in learning more see the Ogham Course page at the top of this post.

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