Got out again this morning and did 4 hrs weeding. It’s a slow job because I’m very thorough and want every darn weed out of the beds. Last year, what with waiting for the new knees and feeling like crap most of the time, I just didn’t get to doing the beds properly. consequently, this year, I’ve got double the work to catch up with :-). It is soooooooooooo satisfying though! You start off with a rubbish looking bed, half the lawn grown into it, bushes covered in dead couch grass – a real nightmare! – and after the work you have this neatly edged bed, no weeds, plants looking healthier already, and right on for some spring feeding! Which reminds me, I must put some wood-ash (potassium & trace elements) on the raspberries. Should have done it today as it’s a fruit day but, fortunately, it’s a fruit day tomorrow as well :-).

Of course the pic isn’t from today *g*, but it makes me feel good to look to the future. By June I should be eating ’em again.