It’s very cold still, the ground hasn’t warmed up at all. The snowdrops are out now and the aconites but the first daffodils are only just pushing their buds up now – usually we have half a garden-full by now.  I sowed a load of stuff on the last Root day – Thu 4th March – and a couple of peas are just starting to show … but this was all indoors, in the propagators.

I also lost all my overwintering peas and beans – bother! – so shall have to wait untill the first of this sowing come on and that depends on things warming up so I can put them outside.

However, I have managed to do more on the winter clear-up and am especially pleased with the summer raspberry bed which is completely weed-free and all the canes have been tied in. It was a housework day today (Ugh!) so I hope to get out tomorrow and do some more.