Putting in the Compost Preps …

Last week Paul put the compost preps into our compost. They should be ready for use on the veg beds by mid-April to early May – wheee! And well needed they’ll be too. Here are some pix of him making the preps up …

First, he makes each of the 5 solid preps into a ball by mixing them with some well-rotted cow manure .. as in the picture. The preps are …

502 – Yarrow: Achillea millefolium – helps the potassium and sulphur processes of the soil; helps replenish soil grown tired through many years of cultivation. The country name is “Venus Eyebrow”, the seed looks a bit like an eyebrow, hence the country name.

503 – Chamomile: Chamomilla metrecaria recutita – helps the living calcium processes stabilize plant nutrients; damps down excessive fermentation and invigorates plant growth.

504 – Nettle: Urtica dioica – makes iron available and helps to stabilize nitrogen.
505 – Oak bark: Quercus robur – rich in calcium, wards off diseases and fungal attacks.
506 – Dandelion: Taraxacum officianale – helps the living silica processes; it helps the natural interrelationships like the mycorhyza become fully effective. The plant’s country name is “Lion Tooth”, a corruption of the French dent de lion meaning lion’s tooth.

These then go into the compost bin in the pattern in this diagram.

Then he has to stir the liquid prep the juice of Valerian – with water for 20 minutes to make it into a suitable form to put on the heap. I helped with this :-). When it was done he put it in a watering can and watered it onto the heap.

507 – Valerian: Valeriana officianalis – helps make phosphorous available. Earthworms love it. Used with Prep 500 it draws worms into the garden and helps them reproduce well.

It all got done and during the 20 minutes while we were stirring the Valerian, between putting the 5 solid preps in and the compost bin, it had began to steam !!!