I’ve been following some discussion on Homeodynamics – a new way of working from Enzo Nastati – on hte BD forum. Lots of disagreement but worth taking note of various ideas and amybe looking up Homeodynamics yourself – its’ certainly done some amazing stuff that’s well documented.

This led me to mutter on about my experience as follows …

I’ve been following Darren & Mark’s conversation, and now MIke (Hi MIke!) too. Like Darren, I’m not an anthroposophist either and have read about a page of Steiner … I think, sometime back :-). But, alos like him. I’m passionate about BD and practice it. I don’t pratice or know much about HD although my husband’s having a go with it, nor do I feel inclined to try it for myself but I know that those who have seem to find it satisfying.

I don’t think I’d say – certainly here in Britain – HD is a patch for badly practiced BD. I’d also agree that potentising is not the same as what happens when BD preps are made – that I’ve worked with and seen working in both a physical and a non-physical sense – is that OK, not using the dreaded word spiritual ? LOL. With that, I work spiritually all the time as well as physically and don’t find myself separating them into differnt boxes, they’ve always been part of the same thing, same whole, ie Life. But I know lots of folk need the separation to feel sane.

I find BD eminetly satisfactory for the garden here and feel no need to add HD. However, I do take Mark’s point about GM, heavy metals etc, that may need to be dealt with. With my own spiritual practise (can’t help saying it *g*) I’d work on these things in a different way and not with what I call “potions”. that’s not to say the potions don’t work, various research shows they do, as do the spirtual methods. I’ve used a form of radionics or “distant healing” for half my lifetime, along with studying Wilhelm Reich too, and tried out some of his ideas – even got my Dad doing it *g*. I find these ideas work and they suit me, much better than HD does … perhaps its “horses for courses” as so often wth human beings.

I like to see lots of different ideas and sources coming together rahter than just being stuck in one mode. The old Ox Herding story from Zen tells of the chela (student) getting to the awakening stage and thinking he now kows everything – it uses the idea of “My Ox is THE ox. Everyone should follow this!”. Often with new ideas people idolise them and may tend to throw all previous stuff ut the window. The current human race of the past 20+ yrs has become very much like this – black/white, right/wrong, old/new – and has lost a lot of common sense in the process of becoming so narrow-minded and literal. Probably HD and what the BD Now folk are doing with radionics will suffer in the same way, along with many other ideas. Even BD folk can get Steineritis *g*. I suspect the “great man” wouldn’t have wanted this.

So, I’ll be continuing to follow discussions on HD, radionics, orgone, spiritual healing of the land and other apparently “oddball2 and off-the-wall concepts. Imight even start a few hares myself … *big grin*.