The garden is covered in a sugar-frost this morning and there was a red tinge to the sky at dawn. We’re 4 days into the Northern Plantng time and a Fruit day, so I intend to get the first tomato seeds in today, hopefully they can go out – under some cover – in a couple of months.

The jet stream is still causing the weather to be cold, wintery, although on the Celtic calendar today is Brighid’s Eve, the eve of spring. As BBC Weather says “Jet streams move north and south too, following the boundary between warmer and colder air. These boundaries are also where weather fronts generally develop, so when a front passes overhead, bringing wind and rain, it is quite likely that a jet stream is passing undetected too.” This year, the jet stream has hovered furhter north than usual for a long time so allowing the cold weather to turn rain into snow. We’ve ot experienced this for 30 years so for many it’s quite a shock.

Like many gardeners, I didn’t prepare for this, didn’t expect it, so I didn’t cover my parsnips and other root veg as I would have – probably will do next winter – and so I’ve lost them. It’s a blow, I love my parsnips and carrots and now I don’t have home-grown ones. food ni the shops has gone up in price partly because this has ahppened to large-scale growers too. Well, no use crying over spilt milk! I’m gradually finding what has come through OK and what hasn’t … and remembering how to cover crops successfuly for next year.

One thing … hopefully the long cold has killed off most of the slugs !!!