Wednesday went very well, Jo and I got a lot done – mostly Jo as my legs, especially the right one, can’t take too much yet.
The garden looks very bare – that’s herbaceous perennials for you! They disappear almost completely over the winter doing all their work underground and then burst forth whe the weather warms up. This is partly why I want to move the stipa arundinacea and, possibly, 3 stipa tennuisima over there. the plants are not getting enough sun where theya re but also they would provide good winter interest as well. And several of the perennials have great flowers and really boring leaves … if they come up through the grasses then the dull bits are hidden.will get Jo’s design advice on this *g*. Will keep taking pix as we progress this garden – wish I’d done it before we started, then you could see how good our progress was *g*.
We did the work on a root day but in the morning. This could well be a good thing as the Earth breathing out in the morning assists the removal of weeds – ie taking them up out of the ground at the same taime as the Earth-energy is also pushing upwards. I do often do this and usually find it a bit more effective – no scientific studies though *g*. It just makes sense to me, I’m going the same way as the Earth and not working to push things down into the ground when her energy is pushing up out of it.